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Our In-Home Staging Consultations & Professional Staging Services focus on highlighting your property for a faster & more profitable sale!

We Focus On The Importance Of:

  • highlighting architectural features
  • arrangement of furniture to optimize traffic flow
  • maximizing square footage presentation
  • optimal presentation of home’s best features
  • enhancement of the all important first impression
  • editing & room-by-room assessment
  • share tips & tricks for successful showings to bring offers!

Real Estate Home Staging & Redesign

If you have a property to sell or want a fresh look using what you already own then this service is for you! Home staging for sale is a cost-efficient way to achieve outstanding results! We have referrals to show how our services have achieved a faster, more profitable sale for many homeowners/realtors making the process much less stressful!

Home Staging creates an interior for the “potential buyer’s” eyes. It is the development of a plan to enhance that all-important first impression. Staging your home for sale will create a dramatic improvement to your property in a very short amount of time! I specialize in helping create and define space and highlight important features. The purpose of staging is to help the seller achieve the best price in the shortest time.

This service offers tips and tricks to get your home in shape for potential buyers! Using what you already own and editing what you will need to pack is the first step. We also offer rental furniture and accessories on a monthly basis. This staging service is designed to really create that “WOW” factor that today’s discriminating buyers are looking for. Staging often only takes approximately 3-6 hours!

DIY Walk-Thru Consultation:

This 90 minute consultation with the home owners will focus on the benefits of staging and getting the home ready for the “photo shoot” and showings. Most potential buyers start their search on line so getting the property to stand out in the sea of listings is the first step. Showcasing the property rather than the homeowner’s belongings,  and creating the feel of the “lifestyle” for potential buyers is our focus.   A Room- by- Room Assessment, Interior/Exterior Assessment, Editing, and The 5 Key Important Factors to focus on for successful showings. A “homework” list will be left for the homeowners. “72% of what creates the first impression inside a home is within the control of the seller.”

Mini Fluff:

Setting “The Stage” for Sale! This service adds the fluff and finishing details to already existing décor & furnishings, creating an impression of “lifestyle”. This is a monthly rental service of greenery, linens, cushions, accessories, and artwork, strategically placed to update the home, give a spa like feeling to the bathrooms, a retreat feeling to the bedrooms, an ease or entertainment factor to the kitchen and the first impression of the entrance to the home (inside and out). This will ensure all rooms are ready for photos and showings. This compliments the DIY Consultation! “87% of potential buyers said that home presentation makes a difference in the sale. 63% of buyers will pay more for a home that is move in ready.”

Staging & Furniture Rental:

This is a full service staging package that includes all the fluff and furniture rental for the main areas, accessories, artwork, greenery, linens and bedding, lamps, may include window treatments and all the extra touches to highlight and showcase the property for a quick and profitable sale!

Living Room, Dining Room, Master Suite, En-suite, Bathrooms/Powder Room, Kitchen, Entrance, Laundry Area and Pantry is our focus.  Additional rooms/areas may be added depending on floor plan, flow, square footage and price of home/location.  “41% of men place a premium on updated décor, compared to 30% of women.”

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